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Lesson dates

The schoolyear 2023-2024 will start on Monday 28 August 2023 and will last until Monday 24 June 2024 and consist of 36 lesson weeks and two concerts.
Due to the fact that not all schools have the same holiday’s in their schedule all the lesson dates are mentioned in the calendar (handed out at the beginning of the schoolyear) and in the agenda on the student portal.

There are no lessons on the following dates:
• 14 October – 22 October 2023 (Autumn break)
• 23 December 2023 – 7 January 2024 (Christmas holiday)
• 17 February – 25 February 2024 (Spring break)
• Monday 1 April 2024 (Easter)
• 27 April – 12 May 2024 (May holiday)
• 20 May 2024 (Pentecost)
Because of (bank)holidays on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday there are precisely 36 lesson weeks. On Wednesday and Saturday this is not the case, for these days there are 37 lesson weeks. Because of this one lesson will be cancelled. This will be communicated in a timely fashion at latest on week beforehand.


All administration, information and scheduling go through the student portal ( To login, visit the website Here you can find all the available timeslots, invoices, extra costs, overview of holiday’s, make-up credits and more.


If a student is not able to attend a lesson, at least 4 days in advance a cancellation has to be send to the teacher. In this case the lesson can take place on a different date/time during working hours of the teacher when there is an available timeslot. When the cancellation meets the deadline make-up credit will be given to the student. All available timeslots can be found on the student portal. Lessons cancelled after the deadline of 4 days are not able to be rescheduled. If there are unforeseen circumstances like illness and you can’t attend the lesson, please let the teacher know as soon as possible via sms/WhatsApp/e-mail. In such a case it will be possible to receive make-up credit as well.
Lessons can’t be rescheduled during (bank)holiday’s or weekends. Unless teachers offer these dates as possible options as exception.
If the teacher is sick or not able to give lessons, there will be a substitution or the lesson will be rescheduled in a later time. No restitution is possible.

Lesson fees

The lesson fees are:
• € 936,- per year excluding VAT for a lesson of 30 minutes
• € 1404,- per year excluding VAT for a lesson of 45 minutes
• € 1872,- per year excluding VAT for a lesson of 60 minutes
• (€ 715,- per year excluding VAT for a lesson of 45 minutes two weekly).
Besides these costs there is a concert fee per student (see concerts), this fee will be charged in the beginning of the schoolyear.
For actual lesson fees visit:


All payments must be made in 10 instalments, they are scheduled on the 1st of the month.
If the financial obligation is not met, the teacher has the right to refuse the student for the lesson.
It is also possible to pay per (half) year: 1 September 2023 (50% or 100% of the tuition fee due); 1 February 2024 (50% of the tuition fees due).

Teachers and make-up credit

Pianolessen Utrecht has three teachers taking care of the piano lessons. Alexandros Chouros, Daniëlle Hoogland, Geert Omta, Petros Papoulias and Sanne Berghuis. The lessons on Monday will be taken care of by Geert, on Tuesday by Alexandros, on Wednesday by Daniëlle and onThursday and Friday by Petros, on Saturday by Sanne. If students can’t be present at the lesson and have the right for make-up credit they can also use this on different days then their normal lesson day, even if it is with a different teacher. Of course with reservation that there is a free lesson place to book a lesson. If a student wants to book a make-up lesson on a different day then his/her normal lesson day, this will always be in consultation with their teacher. To make sure that there can be a good handover so the teacher will be well prepared for the lesson. Also to make sure this is arranged properly in the administration.

Notice of ending lessons

When it is decided to stop taking piano lessons, the student owes tuition fees for the next one month (so cancellation period is 4 weeks) and he/she is entitled to the corresponding number of lessons.
Not only the student, but also the teacher has the right to suspend or discontinue classes. This happens, for example, due to a lack of commitment at home and/or in class during a longer period. Prior to this decision, the teacher raised this problem with the student and/or parent(s), so that they have the opportunity to prove the contrary. If after 2-4 lessons there is no improvement to be seen by the teacher, the lessons will be discontinued immediately and any overpaid tuition fees will be refunded.

For new students, the first period of 4 lessons is considered as a probationary period. After a short evaluation with the parents and/or student, advice is given as to whether or not to continue the lessons. If it is decided not to continue taking piano lessons, then by way of exception no cancellation period applies.


Concerts are a part of the course. There is one concert per six months. In some cases, the student cannot participate in the concert (for example beginners, severe stage anxiety). The first concert will be in November 2023 . The date of the second concert will be announced no later than November/December 2023. The student makes sure that he/she is available on the mentioned dates. In the event that the student knows in advance that he/she is not available due to other obligations, (part of) the concert surcharge will be cancelled and this amount will be refunded. Availability can be communicated up to 6 weeks prior to the concert. No refund is possible with a later cancellation. It is decided 6 weeks in advance whether the student will be assigned in the morning or in the afternoon. This classification is final. In special cases it can be decided in consultation that a change is possible, but this can lead to a possible change in the student’s program. The concert surcharge is intended for the rent of the venue and all material costs. The concert surcharge is 10 euro per concert per student.

Extra costs

Sheet music: The sheet music with studio license is included in the tuition fee. Other books, teaching methods and individual songs as desired are at the student’s expense. Teacher will always ask for approval for every possible purchase.
Extra lessons: In some cases, there may be an extra lesson that does not fall within the normal lesson weeks (for example during the holidays, if the teacher is available, or for exams). These must be paid separately and are processed on the next invoice.
EPTA Exam Surcharge: In the 2023-2024 school year, Pianolessen Utrecht offers an exam package. The amount for this package will be announced in the fall of 2023 (based on the exam fee). This package includes the student’s registration for the EPTA exam, the exam fee, one group lesson (including practice exam) and administration costs. The date of the group lesson will be announced in January 2024.

Lesson replacement in exceptional circumstances

In extraordinary situations, Pianolessen Utrecht is free to hire a replacement teacher to continue the agreed teaching program. This will be at the same location and by a qualified teacher.
In the event that in exceptional cases no replacement teacher can be found, Pianolessen Utrecht will credit the lessons not provided in consultation with the (parents of the) student.
This Lesson Agreement can be adjusted at any time by Pianolessen Utrecht. This will always be communicated directly with all students. The dates and prices mentioned in the Lesson Agreement are subject to change and no rights can be derived from this.